Karim Habib one of the top designers at BMW is Lebanese
Karim Habib, one of the top designers at BMW will join Mercedes-Benz team. Karim  will lead the firm’s advanced design studio located in Stuttgart.
The new 7 BMW Series designer according to Autocar UK Habib will be

responsible for the Mercedes-Benz F series cars and concept cars.

Why is he famous?

His name might not ring any bells, but Karim-Antoine Habib’s work definitely will. For those well-versed in the automotive world, Karim’s head-design premiere debuted at the Shanghai Auto Show in 2007: the BMW CS, a concept sedan that, unfortunately, has no plans of moving to the roads as of this writing was just a preview into Karim’s automotive design talents.

Karim-Antoine Habib grew up in Cartierville, a borough of Montreal, Quebec. He spent much of his childhood sketching furniture and cars instead of roughing it up with the other boys in the neighborhood, and knew somehow that design was in his future.

After earning a degree in mechanical engineering from McGill University, Karim-Antoine Habib attended the Art Centre College for Design in Switzerland, where he studied transportation design. From Switzerland, Karim jet-setted to California to finish his studies at the art college’s North American branch. Straight from art college, Karim-Antoine Habib joined the ever-growing ranks of BMW Group thanks to the watchful eyes of his Californian professors, who were BMW employees at the time.

BMW chief designer, Chris Bangle saw something in Karim-Antoine Habib from his college days and knew that someday Karim would belong in the ranks of BMW, desiging their future vehicles, and he was spot on. Now in the Advanced Design department at BMW headquarters in Munich, Germany, Karim has the resources and abilities to let his creative flair reign supreme — and so far the results have been stunning.

 Lebanon – lbci – Marcel Ghanem – Kalam al nas report – Justin Ishac – Montage : Moussa Edde – 16/04/2009 Visit Karim-Antoine Habib

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