DNA Tests Prove Slaughtered Man is Killer

Updates on   —-> “Angry Mob Slaughters Suspect in Quadruple Ktirmaya Murder”

DNA Tests Prove Slaughtered Man is Killer .DNA tests proved that Mohammed Msallem, the suspect in the killing of 4 members of a local family in the Mount Lebanon village of Ketermaya, is the murderer, the National News Agency said Friday.Local media said dozens of residents intercepted a police jeep carrying Msallem to the reenactment site, dragged the killer out and attacked him with sticks and knives.

His body hung from the pole for about 10 minutes before Lebanese army troops took him down and drove him away in a jeep, an AP photographer at the scene said.But the locals chased the killer to Siblin hospital, dragged him out and beat him with sticks to death. After the killing, the crowd stripped Msallem down to his underpants and drove through Ketermaya. There, the residents tied a metal wire around his neck and hung him from an electric pole.

“Let the criminal be hanged, to be a lesson for all others who think of killing like this,” cried the crowd.

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