Kuwait busts Iran spy cell

Kuwait busts Iran spy cell
May 1, 2010

Security agencies in Kuwait

Security agencies in Kuwait

have busted a spy cell working for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, feeding information on Kuwaiti and US targets, Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Qabas reported on Saturday.

Citing high-ranking security sources, the daily said Kuwait arrested at least seven men, some of whom served in the interior and defense ministries.

Security agencies are still searching for six to seven other men suspected of membership in the cell, which was broken up in a coordinated effort between the secret service and army intelligence, the paper said.

Cell members have taken pictures of Kuwaiti military and other vital targets in addition to US military sites, Al-Qabas said.

Security forces stormed the home of one of the cell leaders in Sulaibiya, 25 km west of Kuwait City two days ago and found maps for vital sites, highly sophisticated communications devices and cash exceeding 250,000 dollars.

Watch video in arabic press the link below


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