Announced that Deputy Strida Geagea to the ceremony in Biel, reiterated that forces no matter how besieged politically lying on the ground, pointing out that the “Lebanese Forces” were not waiting for the memory solution troops to know mobilized and added: “If we go back to the elections, unions, doctors, lawyers and parliamentary elections took place in 2009 the proportion of the elections that took place in the 2010, we are a major breakthrough for the forces at the level of the Lebanese arena, specifically in the Christian arena, as well as astonished to our knowledge that the pictures of Samir Geagea, suspended in Tripoli. ”

She said in an interview with the newspaper “Times” in Kuwait: “I said during the ceremony that in spite of the suffering you went through with a group of people throughout the period of eleven years and three months in which such wise imprisoned, waged on us, a war abroad and home to expel Strida Geagea and her group for our class on separation of forces, Samir Geagea them, increasing the pain, where the situation required the face of outside and inside together. ”

Geagea was considered that there is fear experienced by the Lebanese people, especially for the Court and will be issued by the Lebanese people and their implications for us, noting that the next municipal elections will activate the political arena.

And issues brought by the troops against OTV, harmony and Wahab, Geagea said: “We are moving within the legal framework for our right, and we will get it.”

And declared that the secret of the positive relationship between the troops and some politicians in Kuwait, due to the commonalities between the Lebanese and the Kuwaitis, saying that the suffering that we have lived in our Lebanese lived Kuwaitis during the invasion and resisted as we resisted, she said: “There is considerable commonality between us on our vision of a map of the Middle East, we have look the same for us Kqguat and as politicians Kuwaitis in terms of work on the convergence Arab – Arab in the face of the Israeli enemy, “referring to the Agreement on the Palestinian issue, and the Iranian problem in the Middle East, adding:” It is true that Iran is geographically close to the Gulf states, but it has an extension on Lebanese territory moving and jurisprudence. ”

On the possibility of having Dr. Samir Geagea will soon be visiting the State of Kuwait, said Geagea: “see us at the appropriate time in Kuwait, we had meetings with distinctive Amir, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and with all Kuwaiti officials,” pointing out that the special relationship linked by Ambassador of Kuwait in Lebanon Abdel-Aal Qenae, and noting his good standing in Lebanon, sharp-thinking, calm and far-sightedness.

She wished the Lebanese living in Kuwait more successes, she said: “envy their stay in the country such as Kuwait, and tell the Kuwaitis that the things we shared, and I thank Kuwait for their Lebanon through the Kuwait Fund for Development, and more on helping Kuwaiti women to complete through the struggle.”

As for the election of the Kuwaiti street for four deputies, very much so glad Geagea, attributed the credit to the Amir of Kuwait, which opened the way to the subject, and this cultural image of the Kuwaiti society.

In response to some people thought Strida Geagea, an artist and when they see on television surprised as political, saw Geagea President Camille Chamoun was president, and especially so, there is no rule that women are not beautiful if it dealt with public affairs, and from there gives them the qualities of virilism and recipes other than the feminine . She said: “This is the second session of my deputy, and in the first session we were hiding to threaten us with death, In regard to the women in Lebanon said that there was very unfair in its own right on several fronts, but for us as a bloc forces Fassahemena the issuance of a petition or the law for domestic violence, and we are preparing several things as a matter of women’s quota. ”

She indicated that she did not seek to be a vice, I have put her name on the ministry in the last government, and rejected because it does not find itself a minister, and better to be a deputy working with all her heart to her, noting that the “risk” is a tax strong paid because of her work, with love that driving can not do, even shopping can not do it, do not live the life of any normal woman.

And what drove her to enter politics and parties, she Geagea to that before you to make “the doctor” took a vacation in Political Science, and when the decision was taken in 1994 to resolve forces arrested Samir Geagea, falsely I had to carry this torch, and added: “I did not think I’m going to apply summer break Political Science so quickly, I wanted to maintain the slide that represented my husband is in jail, and it did happen, in addition to that I believe in the logic of political parties in Lebanon and around the world, and as such engaged in the world political in the worst circumstance political Lebanese, where grip security-political on Lebanon, which led to run in elections in 2005, at the head of Vkhaddtha seven comrades and we have six MPs, then we have brought out from prison, al-Hakim promised to be launched on the scene again. ”

Announced Geagea that all positions and political assertions taken from her husband as belonging to a political party and it’s Deputy in a bloc the “Lebanese Forces” We are meetings periodically with the Vice-forces and minister to discuss all things new on the scene, pointing out that when she needed to Samir Geagea to ask him a few things did not find him next to where he was imprisoned, and was forbidden them to talk together with the political matters, and added: “But there are some wise people who take advantage of them like a patriarch Sfeir, who I met him a week, and former minister Fouad Boutros addition to the experience that had been taken from the School of the Lebanese Forces. and told me my husband he left the woman and went out to find another woman, also I find it different from the past, making it more wisdom and patience. ”

Considered Geagea stages they went through a harsh and difficult years after her husband’s, since he entered prison and her 26-year-old came out of him 38 years, this period for women in the life period of the summit did not Oashha. Pointing out that it does not bear any grudge against this age who stole them and sees it as one of the richest years experience in her life and has created a new Strida. She said: “Stations painful that I passed by nature, internal, when my husband entered the prison there abandoning me completely and were close to us, which affected me a lot, and when martyred comrades and some of them tortured, this digging in my memory, and in this house, I cried in every corner of it, especially when they told me that the execution will be issued a week after my husband. ”

And the problems they face in Parliament, said Geagea: “No I am confronted something aiming for me, a woman, but I’ve ever had a colleague in the Council when dealing may indirectly I took the initiative and I replied, which surprised everyone, the president said Berry then:” I have become not a few “.”

Announced it was considering the work of the book about her experience in addition to that there is a documentary film will equip the period spent by a “wise” in the prison, called the “Lebanese Forces: The Struggle secret.”

For cooking, they announced Geagea skilled cook political, but not in the kitchen, when you want to work as a political maneuver Hakim sits on top of the table fronting the group on the Executive Board and is a member with them.

And whether Dr. Samir Geagea told her everything Balkuales before the meeting, said: “In the past, tell me, Vonaakech causing him to not tell me nothing but the table with the others,” noting they convey she politically with al-Hakim to the bedroom, and went on: “When we are in bed I say to him: What do you think my love of this thing? Verde: Oh, baby I want to sleep … morning Rabah, and tell me: Where is my wife? I want my people. ”

She said: “It is said that when the woman’s voice is low, the man sitting against which opens the ears more, the wise sometimes comes and sits close I am to hear what I say, this is the best.”

And relate the story of Dr. Samir Geagea, said: “At first I would like to say that the wise older, fifteen years old, and I know the age of eighteen I just wanted to form a paste.
Pulled wisdom, clemency, we are of the estate itself, and my father was fond of Samir Geagea, who considered a hero estate, coincidence I met him, though I was out with another of my life, and he also has a woman come with age, and got the share after four years of dating. ”

She pointed out that in the event of a disagreement with an even sum, contrary to Hakim Hakim absorbed and absorbs anger and laughs when intolerance, pointing out that the best gift he has books, his latest book, bought for the system in Saudi Arabia.

She announced that she practiced sports always reduce the food and drink water a lot, loves classical music and watching movies at home with her husband, she loves the color black, white preference in the summer, and her childhood says: “I was born in 1967 in Africa in Ghana, where my father was a businessman there, The mother insisted on teaching us the Arabic language, and when I was seven years old back to Lebanon, and we lived in Rabia debate. ”

It continued: “our origin from the human, it was my uncle Gibran surrounded deputies in the human, and I got my husband in the house of my uncle, lived in the house of a political, then went to study political science, and I married when I have left two months after graduating from university. I consider myself a woman is very fortunate for my husband because he estimated to women, and open the opportunity to finish the scientific work and made me a mature woman. ”

She said: “I twice in a very thin despite all the strength he has shown, as well as I am sensitive, very upset when news floated about me, and my husband in jail, Valastahedav Profile Lee was targeted for my husband, and when I told my husband was laughing at those Briaat.” As for the power it has referred to the honesty, fortitude and stubbornness to get what you want. ”

And announced that the ambition to apply the role of women in all fields, and being from the area of human, a tourist zone old Vhelmha converted to a tourist attraction worldwide, and developed a map of that, after five years we will see Switzerland where, and at the micro level Vhelmha to bless God’s child to complete the dream of the family.

Source: Team site of the Lebanese Forces