Internal Security Forces have arrested two men who seized the body of their relative from Emile al-Bitar hospital in Batroun after refusing to pay the hospital bill.
Samer Farhat and Marwan Beshara were arrested on Monday near Fouad Shehab stadium in Jounieh.

Earlier in the day, they went to hospital to take delivery of the body of Elias Sherfan who had died a day earlier in a traffic accident on the Batroun highway.

However, when staff refused to hand over the body before settling the hospital bill, the two men ransacked the emergency ward, and took the body by force after breaking the morgue’s door.

ISF later went after the two men and stopped them while the funeral convoy was on its way to burry Sherfan. Naharnet


what we learned about the storie that the 27-year-old Elie Cherfan (elie rambo) was in a motorbike accident and was admitted to al-Bitar hospital in Batroun some say the hospital wanted to secure the money before they will work on him and by the time the money was delivered by relatives and family the young man has died . After the hospital prepared the body and place it in the morgue ,the next day when the family came to recover the the body for burial the hospital demanded 1.2 million Lebanese lira the father was outrage so as the family wondering why their kid died in this hospital with no help at all and now asking for so much money we also found out that the young man contacted his family from the hospital begging them to get him to another hospital before he die .Two relatives got very upset got in the hospital after breaking the morgue’s door and took the body by force,Samer Farhat and Marwan Beshara were arrested on Monday near Fouad Shehab stadium in Jounieh.
after the convoy of cars with the body of the young man got on the highway Security Forces from jounieh put chase and stopped all the cars based on a complaint received from the hospital staff ,after 4 hours of standing still on the road side the convoy was let go after the mother of the young man had a panic attack and the father lost conscienceness ,

                                                                                    I guess it’s a very clear message from Lebanon if you don’t have money ON  you,you will die in the hospital cause they won’t touch you until they see the money first .Yallanews

R.I.P Elie Cherfan aka (elie rambo)