Privacy and online security concerns appear to be fuelling a backlash against Facebook, leading more and more formerly faithful users of the social networking giant to delete their accounts.

Which isn’t as easy as it sounds, according to tech expert Amber MacArthur.

Permanently deleting a Facebook account is a complicated process, involving several steps and a detailed knowledge of how the networking site works, she told CTV’s Canada AM Friday.

MacArthur says that even making your Facebook page private can be a challenge.

“Facebook makes it very difficult for you to control your own privacy settings,” she says. “They have a lot of things set up by default so that they’re public … really they’ve made it so complicated to actually go in and manage your settings that you really need to know a lot about how Facebook works.”

And late last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced a new feature called the “Open Graph,” which ties Facebook to a number of other websites, allowing users’ online preferences to be posted all over the Internet, instead of just on