In 2005 and 2006 got Elissa was awarded the “World Music Aih,” Here is the harvest for the third time to become the first Lebanese  artist to receive this award three times.
Elissa has won the World Music Award “World Music Aih 2010” for best album Arab during the ceremony, attended by international stars in the Principality of Monaco. Elissa took to the theater Sporting Club and made the song “believe, Maine” from her latest album, which was the process for the award, the World for the third time, having won the album since its release before 18 weeks of top-selling album of the Arabs.

Elisa said in remarks made in the Monte Carlo that won the prize “the beginning of a new phase which seeks to provide better and new.”

She stressed that the company Rotana did not have any role in receiving the award, which is confirmed by Melisa Kourkn overseeing the awards ceremony.

She explained that Kourkn Alyssa won the award because she deserves, and noted that it emphasizes that the award won by only those who deserve it, and they are not subject to sale, as some parties are trying to hint to do so.

In turn, said Amin Abi Yaghi, director of the Elissa, the Lebanese singer received the award already in a gala ceremony held the Principality of Monaco on Tuesday evening May 18, denying –