Beirut World Book Capital concluded its activities: implementation of 562 projects and 1200 activity during the year
Almnsagip outlined a general Beirut World Book Capital in the Ministry of Culture on the occasion of the end of the ceremony Beirut World Book Capital projects and activities that have been implemented.

She drew in a statement that “at the end of a ceremony” Beirut World Book Capital “, which emphasized Almnsagip General of the” Beirut World Book Capital “Implementation of the 562 projects and 1200 activity during the year, according to the latest statistics, all designed to check stimulate reading and to encourage creativity and support the sector publication. In the month of May in particular, accomplished entrepreneurs in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, away from the spotlight a number of significant capital projects, namely:

– Development of 16 libraries in 16 prisons: the prison of Baalbek, a prison Baabda, Jbeil prison, a prison pictures, prison illiterate, Tibnin prison, a prison above, Batroun prison, prison Jazzin, prison of al-Zahle prison (women), the port, prison, prison, den Jenin, Zgharta prison, prison Ras Baalbek and Barbar Khazen prison. The company is currently working to complete the development of a library in prison Romans.

– Establishment of model libraries is also available in Arabic, French and English in 30 schools in Beirut: the school the way the first new Girls Elementary School, New Road II boys, school and rose Yazigi Intermediate Girls School, Omar Hamad primary mixed secondary Omar Farrukh girls, Ahmed Al Rawas mixed Secondary, Charity / Beautiful Rawas Boys School, through the new medium’s first daughters (Mrs. Grace), a school through the new medium’s second girls school, through the new primary-third of girls, school through the first new boys school, Mohammed comprehensive Primary Mixed School, Omar Za medium Mixed School label Abdullah Alayli, School of Fakhr al-Din on the Girls School, Beirut critical for Boys School, Salma Sayegh girls, school Tabaris Girls Model School, the Republic of Uruguay for boys, school grove middle-mixed middle school Ashrafieh Official Mixed School, Laure Moghaizel Girls , School of Ashrafieh third hybrid, School of Ashrafieh II Boys School, Achrafieh first Boys School, King Saud Intermediate Girls School, the first farm Primary Girls School, Farm First Intermediate for Boys School, Youth New School Counseling for Girls – Borj Abu Haidar.

– Version is the first study in Lebanon about the book industry, the economic expert, Dr. Kamal Hamdan and his team aimed to develop statistics for the first time in Lebanon, which will help to strengthen the publishing industry position in the Arab world. The study contains many details that shape a future vision and conscious about the book. The study contains four main parts, namely the following: Show analytical – descriptive of workshops the basic parts of the book industry in Lebanon, with particular emphasis on the book and printed and bound, and then distributed to the public through libraries, and implementation of field research in detail on the situation of publishing houses and a final report containing Key findings and recommendations, relating to both supply and demand for the book in Lebanon. And issued with a second study on the movement of reading in Lebanon “who reads what in Lebanon?”

– Issuing the first encyclopedia about the history of Lebanese cinema since its inception to the day of the writer journalist Ibrahim Aris, entitled “ambiguous picture: film in Lebanon, Mbdaoha and films.” The groom carrying with him the study to the Cannes Film Festival sixty-third. Linking the entire history of Lebanese cinema contexts Lebanese society and the political and economic volatility and sectarianism. And contains 500 photographs, including rare photographs published for the first time. Filmography includes full and detailed what he calls the author “one hundred movie that made the Lebanese cinema.