The Hanging and the execution of Obama in a nightclub in the state of Wisconsin, U.S.

the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI is Looking for motives of the owner of a nightclub in Wisconsin, set fire to a dummy President Barack Obama in the comedy night, amid chants of pro-and photographed the masses of the incident as a matter of maintaining the anniversary.

And refrain until the owner time to identify the underlying causes of the accident, which showed the videos that have been through the legs of the nightclub set fire to the doll that her neck was surrounded by what appears to be a rope knotted in a manner similar to those used for executions.

Police in Wisconsin, it is also investigating the incident, after receiving copies of the video, as requested by the Secret Service on the protection of Obama to participate in the investigation.

For his part, expressed Jerry Hamilton, President of “Association for the Defense of Colored People,” America, expressed his concerns about the possibility that the incident came in the context of the expression of some of the racist hostility to black-skinned.

Hamilton added: “I feel sorry for the incident, and the fact that the incident had taken place in this state, because it is the worst picture we can give ourselves out.”

The Secret Service has refused to comment on the incident, as the case of intelligence information, while there were no Karen Schoenfeld, owner of the club who witnessed the incident, the queries submitted to it

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