Janet Jackson: ‘It was very tough at times’

The 44-year-old singer-and-actress confesses she had a tough time when shooting her latest movie “Why Did I Get Married Too?” because of Michael’s death of an Propofol overdose last year, but channeled her energy into the film and stayed in touch with her family to check up on details.

Speaking at a special screening of the film at the Brixton Ritzy Cinema, London, Janet told BANG Showbiz: “It was very tough at times. It was very, very difficult. I just tried to do my best. It was very therapeutic and very draining in other ways. You know, it never left my mind what was going on.

“I stayed away from watching any television whatsoever, but I stayed in touch with my family on a daily basis. It was difficult at times but it helped me to heal. The tears in the film, those were real tears.”