Did Assi Hellani hampered Mohammed Iskandar participation in Star Academy?!
It was supposed to be a guest artist Mohamed Iskandar prime 13-year program through the Star Academy LBC, after receiving a call from the Setup section of the program told him.

Alexander agreed, and began preparations for the panoramic view through the songs to be performed and the clothes worn, etc. .. According to our information, Alexander would have two songs, “Tell Bhbni” with the students and the “Republic of My Heart” single.

But suddenly, Alexander received a call from the program to inform him that the idea has been canceled his attendance at the Star Academy .. When asked why, did not receive a clear answer or useful.

In an interview on Radio Melody, asked colleague Fini Rummy reason for the cancellation participation in the program .. But Mohammed was a diplomat and confirmed that he did not know until the moment
So what happened? Has not been an apology from him without explanation?!

But our sources confirmed that the very special artist Assi Helani Contact Palmkrj Tony Kahveci, once they learned that Alexander will be the guest of the program months in the Arab world, and asked him to apologize for it.

In fact, the Asi guests, Prime XIV (after the prime, which was supposed to be the guest of Alexander), which means that qahwaji apology and promise of Alexander against his presence as guest .. What was promised but Asi qahwaji to be a guest of the evening ahead of the program, and this is what happened.

The question remains: Why might hamper the participation of a great artist Kaaasi Muhammad Iskandar in Star Academy, especially that he (Asi) was able to achieve the biggest star of Alexander over the years?!

For as long as the relationship between Asi and Muhammad have been tense for years, even that was not known masses .. Since the success of the song (Alhasodi), artists disagreed about who is the owner of the right to their success.

And our sources confirm that the success of Mohammed Alexander the Great, through the song (say Bihbni) last year, and (Republic of heart) this year, infuriated him Asi degree hamper participation in the Star Academy