Naharnet is the first media outlet to publish pictures of the courtroom of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, where the trials of the defendants in the murder case of ex-PM Rafik Hariri and his companions will take place.
STL’s Outreach Office distributed these pictures Thursday afternoon after the journalists participating in the 2nd International Media Forum were taken for a tour in Leidschendam, where the HQ of the STL is located.

The courtroom is supplemented by a special section for reporters and attendees. A glass front separates the two zones and allows journalists and attendees to watch everything happening in the courtroom.

Non-transparent curtains are designed to block the vision of reporters and attendees when the trial goes into closed-door deliberations. Television broadcasting would also be halted in that case.

On the other hand, only audio would be cut off during secret sessions.

TV cameras were installed on all corners of the hall for live broadcast, which will be conducted via a studio also considered as one of the courtroom’s extensions.

Broadcasting will be conducted with a 30 minutes delay to enable the president of the tribunal of omitting some segments when he sees that necessary.