110 Syrians Killed in New Violence 

110 killed, as President Bashar al-Assad’s foes described a U.N. Security Council peace call as toothless.

The army attacked a string of towns, while rebel fighters struck military posts in several provinces and announced a command structure to coordinate hit-and-run strikes in and around Damascus.

The escalation came just hours after the Security Council adopted a statement urging Assad and the opposition to implement “fully and immediately” international envoy Kofi Annan’s peace plan.

The Syrian National Council, the main opposition group, dismissed the U.N. statement, saying it offered “the regime the opportunity to push ahead with its repression in order to crush the revolt by the Syrian people.”

Samir Nashar, an SNC executive committee member, told Agence France Presse by telephone from Istanbul: “It’s time for the U.N. Security Council to use its powers to stop these massacres.”SourceAgence France Presse

Syria Opposition Says U.N. Statement Gives Assad More Time to Kill

“Such statements, issued amid continued killings, offer the regime the opportunity to push ahead with its repression in order to crush the revolt by the Syrian people,” said Samir Nashar, member of the executive committee of the Syrian National Council.

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon said he hoped Wednesday’s rare show of unity by the 15-member Security Council — including Russia and China — would mark a “turning point” in the crisis, in which more than 8,000 people have been killed.

“I hope that this strong and united action by the council will mark a turning point in the international community’s response to the crisis,” Ban said on a visit to Kuala Lumpur Thursday.

Russia and China, which have blocked two resolutions on Syria, backed a Western-drafted statement that called on Syrian President Bashar Assad to work toward a cessation of hostilities and a democratic transition.

The council also gave a veiled warning of future international action.