Abu Mohammed Toufic Taha, the head the takfiri network that has been recently discovered in Lebanon, is one of the most active members of al-Qaida in Lebanon, reported al-Joumhouria newspaper on Wednesday.

It said that he is also in constant contact, through the internet, with al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri from whom he receives orders and directions.

He is also in contact with a Saudi member of al-Qaida, Majed Abu Mohammed al-Majed, who was charged with recruiting fundamentalist groups and sending them to a number of Arab and European countries, added the report.
The source revealed that Taha “enjoyed a solid friendship” with the head of the Fatah al-Islam group, Shaker al-Absi, with whom he worked with during the events of Nahr al-Bared in 2007.

Taha also received orders from former leader Fatah al-Islam Abdul Rahman Awad, who was killed in an army ambush in Shtoura in 2010.

The Nahr al-Bared camp in northern Lebanon was at the heart of clashes between the Lebanese army and Fatah al-Islam group between May and September 2007.

Absi disappeared at the end of the conflict and his whereabouts remain unknown.

Taha later began forming extremist cells in Lebanon, which included members of Fatah al-Islam, in cooperation with Majed and the head of the Jund al-Sham group in Ain el-Hilweh Sheikh Osama Amin al-Shehabi, reported al-Joumhouria.

Investigations revealed that Taha was responsible for three cells aimed at carrying out attacks in Lebanon.
The first cell, located in the Iqlim al-Kharroub region, has been planning on poisoning water wells and setting off explosives in al-Mukhtara and al-Jahlieh in order to create inter-Druze strife.

The second cell, found in al-Sarafand in the South, is behind the repeated firing of rockets from southern Lebanon towards Israel, which were aimed at sparking a war between Lebanon and the Jewish state, said al-Joumhouria.

The third cell, found in Lala in the Bekaa valley, was planning on kidnapping foreigners in order to swap them with Fatah al-Islam inmates in Roumieh prison.

by Naharnet Newsdesk