The muftis and clerics of Akkar on Sunday stressed that they will not allow any side to stir a strife between citizens and the military institution and called for a general strike across Lebanon, following the shooting death of Sheikh Ahmed Abdul Wahed at an army checkpoint in the Akkar town of al-Kweikhat.
A security official said army troops shot dead Abdul Wahed when his convoy failed to stop at the checkpoint in al-Kweikhat. He told Agence France Presse that another religious figure in Abdul Wahed’s car, Mohammed Hussein Merheb, was also killed.
The Army Command issued a statement saying “state commissioner to the military court Judge Saqr Saqr inspected the shooting scene and the available evidences and started interrogating the members of the army checkpoint to unveil the incident’s circumstances and take the necessary legal measures.”

And following an emergency meeting for Akkar’s lawmakers, the MPs called on President Michel Suleiman, Prime Minister Najib Miqati and the Army Command to “take all the relevant measures against the officers and soldiers who committed this crime.”

“The government bears the moral responsibility for the incident and we demand an instant probe into this crime. Any probe conducted by army personnel is rejected because they are accused of this crime,” said the MPs in a statement recited by Daher.

The lawmakers called on the residents of Akkar and the North to “practice self-restraint in order to prevent civil strife.”
One of Abdul Wahed’s companions later recounted the details of the shooting to LBC, saying that the vehicle stopped at the checkpoint where some army troops insulted Abdul Wahed, who said that he will no longer be heading to the rally.

He was then prevented from turning the car around and came under fire by the army members, added the clergyman’s companion who was not named.

أهالي بلدة سير – الضنيّة قطعوا طريق البلدة أمام السنترال قرب مركز مخابرات الجيش، احتجاجاً على مقتل الشيخ أحمد عبد الواحد. 

المصاب أليم ولكن التبصر يبقى واجباً… جعجع معزياً بالشيخ عبد الواحد: لانجاز التحقيق بأسرع وقت ممكن وبأكبر قدر من الشفافية

أجرى الرئيس سعد الحريري اتصالا بعائلة الشيخ الشهيد أحمد عبد الواحد معزيا، كما أجرى اتصالات برئيس الجمهورية ميشال سليمان وقائد الجيش العماد جان قهوجي مطالبا بلجنة تحقيق فورية في ظروف جريمة قتله ومحاسبة المسؤولين عنها مهما علت مراتبهم

دان رئيس “التيار الشيعي الحر” الشيخ محمد الحاج حسن، حادثة الكويخات التي أودت بحياة الشيخ أحمد عبد الواحد، مطالبا بـ”إجراء تحقيقات تؤدي إلى نتائج تقطع دابر الفتنة لأن المؤامرة التي تعصف بالوطن خطيرة”.