the security apparatuses have enough evidence so far to be able to reveal the identities of the people involved in the assassination attempt that targeted MP Boutros Harb

1- Four simulation drawings of four suspects: one person was working on the elevator, two were assisting him and one claimed to be army intelligence member helped the other escape. 

2- DNA samples to be extracted from the shirts of the people who engaged in a fight with the suspects, as well as DNA samples to be extracted from the equipment box used by the suspects. 

3- Communications data: the security forces began to receive these data, which is useless so far, because these data are free from the so-called NZ.            

The security sources said that the assassination attempt was foiled thanks to a retired officer who was in the building. He was the one who foiled the attempt from the beginning. The sources pointed that the professionalism of the group, showed the speed of the protection group who moved in less than one minute to arrest the person who claimed to be “Rabih al-Mawla”.    


Security forces found on Thursday an explosive device in the elevator of a building in Beirut where opposition MP Butros Harb has an office after witnesses wrangled with a suspect who was whisked away by a suspicious vehicle.

Police found the device in the elevator shaft of the building that lies in Badaro district’s Sami Solh street a few hours after the suspect carrying a knife was subdued but managed to escape along with two accomplices.