Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi stressed on Monday the importance of supporting state institutions through the rise of the civil state, lauding the residents of northern region of Akkar for their loyalty to their country.

He said during a visit to the region: “God protect Akkar from evildoer plans to carry out attacks in the region.”

The patriarch kicked off on Monday a four-day pastoral visit to Akkar and the city of Tripoli.

He said from his first stop at the town of al-Aabdeh where a reception was held in his honor: “We hope and demand that those, whom President Michel Suleiman invited to the national dialogue, would heed his call.”

The March 14 camp had announced its boycott of the all-party talks after they failed to address Hizbullah’s possession of arms, among other issues.

Addressing the affairs of Akkar, he said: “The residents of the area have the right to proper infrastructure, administrative services, and educations.”

“We demand that the state grant the residents of Akkar with their rights,” he said.

“Akkar is a symbol of Lebanon’s commitment to its institutions and loyalty to the army,” he stressed.