Former General Security chief Jamil al-Sayyed was accompanying former Minister Michel Samaha while he was transporting explosives from Syria to Lebanon, said various media reports on Monday.

They said that Intelligence Bureau investigations indicate that Sayyed was involved in the case.

Official sources told Future television that DNA evidence and Samaha’s confessions confirmed his ties to the affair.

Samaha was charged in August with forming a criminal gang in Lebanon aimed at carrying out attacks in Lebanon.

Media leaks said that he had confessed to planning attacks in the North at the request of Syrian security chief Ali Mamlouk, who was also charged by Lebanon of forming a criminal gang.

MTV had reported on August 14 that Samaha had crossed the border into Lebanon without inspection, noting that Sayyed was actually in the former minister’s explosives-laden car when it entered the country.

The former General Security chief was among the few officials who headed to Samaha’s residence to protest his arrest on August 9.