“They killed, you know, they killed me…That is to say, can you imagine a woman like me with half body? An independent woman, who used to be compared to a butterfly because my feet never touched the ground I was so busy. I never walked anywhere, in a hurry all the time…I did four political shows every morning, then the news, taught at the university and continued working on my doctoral thesis. I had a very active social life, very active. I was devouring life non-stop…and then I was crippled, struck down. In fact they wanted me dead.”


“Heaven can wait” is the title of May Chidiac’s book, detailing her Lebanese political life and near-death in a car bomb three years ago. 29 operations saved her life, but cost her left arm and and a leg.

Political divergence with May Chidiac is an acceptable issue, but this discrepancy has gone beyond its limits by attacking a colleague who paid for her freedom of expression. 

People have gone beyond this limit, reaching the extent of insolence and taking advantage of the freedom given to them to raise a campaign on social networks during which they prompted to discriminate and criticize those physically disabled saying, “they are not capable of running for parliamentary elections.”

On Saturday, May Chidiac participated in a dinner organized by the Lebanese Forces in Hrajel-Keserwan. During the dinner, May chidiac delivered a speech about the situation in Keserwan and her run-up for the coming parliamentary elections.

Few hours after her speech, May was subject to a campaign of insults and defamation on Facebook with Mrs. Nicole Bakhaazi taking the lead, even posting a picture of May taken at Hrajel’s dinner.

Bekhaazi wrote on the picture the following statement: “May Chidiac’s candidacy in Keserwan is illegal; 5 deputies are required in Keserwan not 4 and half”.

Bekhaazi was not the only person to write this statement, but another group of ‘supporters’ kept on insulting May and transformed their freedom on Facebook into a platform to classify people; as if they have the right to prevent and withhold those who want to practice their rights listed in international norms and conventions, regardless of their physical appearance, color, religion.