The Lebanese Forces LF Commemorates Mohammad Chateh
Samir Geagea on Monday warned against forming a cabinet containing representatives of both the March 8 and March 14
“An active cabinet that can pull Lebanon out of this dangerous abyss can only be a cabinet driven by a single horse in the right direction and call it whatever you want to call it,” said Geagea at a rally titled “Era of Justice” that was held in Maarab on the occasion of the imminent start of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon trial.

Addressing President Michel Suleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam, Geagea added: “We all want a new cabinet as soon as possible, but not any cabinet is a real cabinet. A cabinet of contradictions will not be able to achieve anything or do anything.”

“We want a real government. We are all waiting for you and Lebanon is waiting for you, so don’t be late. Do not give up your constitutional powers and act according to your beliefs,” he went on to say, addressing the two leaders.

Commenting on the assassination of former minister Mohammed Shatah in a powerful car bombing in downtown Beirut, Geagea said “they did not kill Mohammed Shatah because he was holed up in Qusayr, Qalamoun’s mountains or Aleppo” in Syria.

“They did not kill him because he posed a takfiri threat to Lebanon or because he was recruiting suicide bombers,” he added.

Geagea noted that “they killed Shatah because he represented a moderate, open-minded approach that exposed the major chasm between him and them.”

“They killed you because they did not want the Lebanon that resembles you in moderation, tolerance and enlightenment, but rather the image of (fugitive Fatah al-Islam chief) Shaker al-Absi, which would justify their existence,” added Geagea.

“They killed you because they belong to the abominable dark ages,” he said.

The LF leader called for adding all the assassination cases to ex-PM Hariri’s case, which is being probed by the STL, “given the fact that they are all connected.”