8215967d-f1ec-4c55-8372-802b1b99ef9aIsraeli warplanes struck a Hizbullah weapons convoy on the Syrian-Lebanese border on Tuesday afternoon, Israeli media reports said.

Citing Arab media sources, Israel’s Channel 2 said the Israeli Air Force bombed the arms convoy near a Syrian rebel “safe haven” where Hizbullah fighters were allegedly stationed.

Last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted for the first time that Israel had carried out strikes inside Syria to prevent Hizbullah from acquiring what he described as “game-changing” weapons.

“We are proud that in the stormy and volatile Middle East, we were able to maintain relative calm and relative safety in Israel. We act when we should act, including here, across the border, in dozens of attacks, to prevent Hizbullah from getting game-changing weaponry,” said Netanyahu during a visit to Syria’s occupied Golan Heights where he observed a military drill.