On the loose in Saskatchewan lake

A massive moose was island hopping and taking a dip in Wascana Lake on Monday.

Conservation officers and Wascana Centre Authority (WCA) staff continued to monitor the moose situation in Wascana Park on Monday afternoon.

The Ministry of Environment said the moose was not a threat to the public.

Lindsey Leko, a conservation officer, said the moose may have been staying on one of the islands in Wascana for a few days.

Facebook users began posting pictures of the moose swimming near Spruce Island, on the southwest side of the lake, around 10 a.m. Monday morning. Passersby stopped to watch the moose during its swim and some canoeists even got a close-up view as it approached the shore of Spruce Island.

Leko reported the moose still in the water as of late Monday afternoon.

Leko advises not approaching the animal, or “trying to take a selfie with the moose,” as they can be easily agitated.


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