when beauty and hot couture are in perfect harmony

World Record Achieved: Longest red carpet ever made!
Beirut International Awards Festivals – BIAF is an annual event that honors distinguished personalities from various fields.


Former Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, sponsored on Wednesday the launching ceremony of laying a 5.5 km red carpet, in an attempt to break Guinness record, at the Beirut area of Zaitunay Bay.


 Nadine Welson Njeim in Black


The event was held to inaugurate the 5th edition of Beirut International Awards Festivals (BIAF), where a panel of local and international pioneers is to be honored.


                                                           Danielle Rahme

In a word during the celebration, Hariri highlighted the importance of giving back hope to the Lebanese youth.






                                                     The amazing Annabella Hilal 


           The stunning Annabella in              BASILSODA  hot couture

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