On ‘Hannity,’ Gary Byrne says he wrote ‘Crisis of Character’ because he wants Americans to know what the real Clinton administration is like.

Retired Secret Service officer Gary Byrne’s explosive tell-all on Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton from his days inside the White House has topped the New York Times bestseller list for the end of June, despite a Clinton-created media blackout.

Byrne’s tell-all book, Crisis of Character, has also been the number one nonfiction book on Amazon for about a month as well. In addition, sources say, Byrne’s book was the bestselling nonfiction book at Barnes and Noble last week. In it, Byrne—who stood guard outside Bill Clinton’s oval office for three years in the 1990s—exposes, among other things, never-before-reported details on how Hillary Clinton, then the First Lady, regularly lost control of herself engaging in rage fits laden with expletives she shouted at Secret Service officers.