soldier writes song for 10th anniversary of Operation

Warning: This video contains graphic language

To acknowledge the 10th anniversary of Operation Medusa that saw 15 Canadian troops killed in Afghanistan, a soldier who fought in the battle has released a song called Panjwai.

Capt. Ryan Carey decided to write the song as a way to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and to deal with what he witnessed in the conflict. The song goes through a retelling of his experiences during the operation to take back the Panjwai district from the Taliban.

The song starts with the crossing of the Arghandab River and the following bombardment that left four Canadian soldiers dead. The Taliban were ready for them, and dug in for a fight.

“We drove into a heavily fortified defensive position… we drove into the kill zone,” Carey told CTV News.

In a journal entry posted on Facebook, Carey described his thoughts as the company moved forward and began hitting mines. Everything erupted quickly, and he wasn’t sure why.

The song, and journal entry, goes on to describe the attack happening in the same place that saw four other Canadian soldiers killed a month before. It then describes a British plane that went down while flying reconnaissance, killing all 12 British soldiers on board.

This battle also saw a Canadian soldier die from friendly fire on Sept. 4, 2006 when an American plane mistakenly engaged after Canadian troops had called in air support. Despite the losses, the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force vowed the mission would continue and remove the Taliban threat.

Source :Taline McPhedran, CTV News

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