Vancouver residents looking to hire some landscaping help this fall could end up with royalty tending to their hedges and bagging up leaves.

Eric Manu a Langley, B.C. man who was crowned chief of the Akan tribe in the village of Adansi Aboabo No. 2 in southern Ghana last year, has returned to Canada for a few months, where he is resuming his job as a landscaper.

“Sometimes we go to the (job) site and they say, ‘You are the chief. I saw you on TV. Why are you doing the landscaping?’” he told CTV News. “This is humbleness you understand. Anytime I’m in Canada, I’m proud to work for my boss.”

Manu, 32, moved to B.C. in 2012 after marrying a Canadian woman he met in Ghana. But his uncle, who had served as chief of the tribe, died two years ago, placing Manu next in line for the honour.

Hanging up his crown, even temporarily, isn’t a decision Manu takes lightly. He’s using his time in Canada to raise money to improve the health care standards for his tribe of 6,000.