The General Security and the Army Intelligence were able to arrest two would-be suicide bombers who had plans to blow themselves up in two religious locations in the southern suburbs of Beirut, As Safir daily reported on Friday.

One of the bombers was arrested by the General Security on October 5 at the Cola area in Beirut. During investigation, he confessed to preparing to blow himself up in two days (Friday October 7) during the Friday prayers and inside one of the biggest mosques in Dahiyeh, according to the daily.

The Army Intelligence arrested the second suicide bomber

It was clear to the investigators that the player of the two suicide bombers was one (an Islamic State Emir in the al-Reqqa city), and that he dispatched them at the same interval.

However the suicide bombers had no acquaintance with each other, although they received the orders from the same player, added As Safir.

At the same time, it was revealed that two groups provided the culprits with logistical support. They secured their transportation means and residence in Lebanon until the date of bombing.

The two groups received the commands from the same IS player in al-Reqqa, and they have no acquaintance with each other.

Moreover, on Thursday at dawn, the General Security arrested in the area of Bhamdoun a group of eight people inside a warehouse that contained explosives and ammunition.

The warehouse belonged to a man who swore allegiance to the al-Nusra Front and who acted like a weapons trader.

He opt for selling ammunition and weapons to relatively every terrorist organization living, said As-Safir. Therefore the patrol only found some explosives and a more dangerous instrument was a FlyCam capable of carrying a small explosive.

The warehouse owner confessed during interrogation that he sold the explosives to several terrorist organizations including the IS.

The most dangerous confession was when he said: “Only if you came yesterday, you would have found six FlyCams equipped with explosive materials,” five of which were sold to al-Nusra he said.

Source : The Lebanese Army , Al Nahar .