Hizbullah behind Bulgaria Attack

U.S. officials say the suicide bomber who targeted Israeli tourists in Bulgaria this week was part of a Hizbullah cell, the New York Times reported, after Israel made similar allegations.

The Times on Thursday cited two U.S. officials as saying that Hizbullah was behind the attack, which killed six people, including five Israeli tourists.

It cited a third official as saying that the bomber was “acting under broad guidance” from Hizbullah and its main sponsor Iran to strike Israeli targets of opportunity.

Israeli officials have publicly accused Iran and Hizbullah of carrying out the attack, though observers say it is unlikely to take military action against either Iran or Lebanon in response to it.
Security camera footage from before the attack showed the suspected bomber wandering in and out of the terminal, wearing a baseball cap over long hair, and a T-shirt, and plaid shorts, with a bulky backpack believed to contain the bomb.

Prosecutor Kalina Chapkanova said in a TV interview that before the attack a man believed to be the bomber tried to rent a car in the town of Pomorie, near the site of the bombing.

She said the owner of the rental agency, whom she would not identify, become suspicious of his license and refused to conclude the deal.
SourceAgence France PresseAssociated Press

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